Meet The Team

All of these assets from Adlogger have been created from an innovative and progressive team comprised of four primary members – equal parts experienced professionals and equal parts fresh view novices, totaling a recipe for advancement. On the seasoned, experienced side, there’s Tom Nostrosky and Jill Gabriel. Tom has a 10-year history of expertise in and engagement with the world of online-business. He has submerged himself in the development of this online area and is not only a dedicated engineering master for revenue tool production, but also innovative in his approach. Outside of Adlogger, he is an avid hockey player and a massive online trading enthusiast, which is not shocking as he comes from a family that has been active in the world of trading for aslong as he can remember. Furthermore, his Co-founder, Jill, holds 6 years of strong industry experience and is supported by an adoring family. Recently, she gave birth to a baby-Adlogger, the newest member of this online family. Both Tom and Jill have 16+ years of combined online experience along with the fresh perspectives of newbies Max Roistik and Robert Lang. They’re both interns with an impressive resume, that includes specialty positions in advertising for assessment of campaign revenue in the online casino and foreign investments world – a fast pace sector of strategy and win-lose game models. With a magical blend of advanced and fresh novice skills in revenue development, Adlogger presents the user with combination of conventional wisdom meets innovative income valuation interfaced via a mobile app.