How To Apply For Beta-Testing

So how does Adlogger work? To qualify for our beta test, a business needs to meet specific criteria that matches the need of this technology. An organization is required to be a startup, solely online cased, and have access to an Apple iphone store app. So the company should be a startup, which means the company is new to the world of business and has recently been incorporated – a fledgling company. Next, the business should be entirely based online without an offline, physical, bricks and mortar company. The organization must be completely virtual and operate solely on the Internet, focusing completely on these types of users without any reliability on actual foot traffic. This style of business is specific to the world of IT, so the store is accessed only via a computer or mobile device.  Finally, the new online business must interface with the Apple iphone store app either through a mobile phone or device. Adlogger is an app dedicated to the iOS operating system, so, in order to initially connect, this specific operating system must be accessed. Once a store meets these specifications, it’s a go and entry to this revenue analysis app is now an option. An Internet-based business can begin discovering all of the advantages this tool provide

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