As companies continue to join this app and find the strong value in it, Adlogger invites their feedback as a helpful tool not only to its customers, but as meaningful material used to help continue shaping, innovating, and updating its app. Testimonials have been gathered from various industries of business from home goods to landscaping to dog grooming.

Sarah’s Home Goods is a long time user of Adlogger. This young home goods company has seen its business grown 100% by using this app to track sales numbers and dollars. Sarah Tully is the owner of this company and said, “I started using Adlogger to get a better understanding of where my company was heading in the Internet marketplace and discovered a way to efficiently channel the growth of my company. It provides me with a daily portfolio of performance in sales and revenue from which I’ve been able to put together strategic action plans. Adlogger has helped my company grown from a start up into a multi-million dollar business in just under a year.”

Then there’s Charlie’s Bags of Pretzels, a company that was struggling as a local corner store against the big food chain giants. Once Charlie’s business started online it evened the playing field and with the addition of the Adlogger app, this organization has been able to identify new areas of business opportunity and quickly narrow the playing field with such popular marketplace holders as Walmart and Target. Ken Thompson, founder and CEO, of the pretzel business has recognized the importance of Adlogger. Ken said, “As owner of a local, struggling pretzel business, I was able to narrow my expenses and compete with the larger companies via my Internet store and Adlogger. Adlogger provided me with key data, which allowed me to strategically target untapped locations. I increased my revenue over 6 months by 60% with a projected annual gain of well over 120+%. The revenue summary from this app is detailed and accurate, yet condensed enough to give you an efficient view of a company’s campaign performance against other business ads whether big or small. Through comparative analysis, I was able to forecast and steer my company into a direction of achievement and development so much, that now I’m starting my second company and campaign.”

There’s John’s Dog Grooming Supplies, which started to close the doors of its small shop when PetSmart moved into town 4 months ago. John wrote to Adlogger, “If it wasn’t for your app, I wouldn’t be in business. After reading about your software, I thought I’d test it out and transitioned my store to strictly online. One on the Internet, I created a couple of campaigns for it and began tracking the revenue from them via Adlogger. Using the collected revenue data from this app, I was able to narrow down the ad to the one with the most consistent results. From here, my company blossomed in a little over 5 months. I used the revenue information to streamline my campaign to where I was getting so many orders on a daily basis, that I had to hire a team of 5 employees and move into a larger office and inventory space. It’s been my best business move yet, with a monthly revenue that climbed from $2000 in the first month to $10,000 in month 5 for a 400%. I’m truly grateful to Adlogger for making the difference I needed to keep my store going and reaching enormous potential. Now, I never leave home without this app and have my employees using it as well in an effort to guide my company’s next moves.” These are just some of the testimonials from Adlogger with more adding each day.

Adlogger is a builder for revenue models, which can help a company understand where it’s at, where it needs to go, then move in the right direction. This app taps into the store’s own information, providing the ability for it to position itself in the most competitive way possible through revenue pattern studies. It’s an organized personal assistant focused on the income production of an organization. Companies will find this is an insightful tool that can make the difference in the success of an online business – isn’t that the goal?