Welcome to AdLogger

Tracking the progress level of an online campaign through its revenue history has become more convenient, efficient, faster, and easier with the mobile app, Adlogger. This app is a mobile measurement tool and tracking device for ads, providing an on-demand, portfolio view of its revenue generation over a selected span of time, such as daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. It gives the ability to trail patterns of sales and income production, so an online business can gauge where it’s going in the online marketplace. In the online world, there’s no face-to-face evaluation or physical store engagement, so Internet stores rely upon the technology itself as the greatest leverage of information gathering. With an overview of revenue trends, a business can form a realistic direction of its growth, as well as, development and rank how it’s doing in the Internet market against similar campaigns and competitors. This critical data can provide a foundation for forecasting future financials and assist in designing strategic plans of action. Adlogger supports the ability to assess online financial health through vision of the past, present, and future performance. Now what’s more powerful than this feature?

In this app assistant for online companies, there is software that is compatible across different mobile operating systems, a user friendly website, and a compact revenue summary. Adlogger’s key features of income data collection and monitoring functions for revenue generation provides a campaign with the ability to test different ad formats to gain market share, identify strengths and weaknesses of one or more campaigns, and locate, as well as, project future progress and business opportunities. All of these types of assessments assist in situating an online store in the most competitive place on the Internet. The data can be a source that guides improvements on visibility and attraction of an ad. So it gives the user valuable information and because it’s a mobile app, a business can suitcase the data and go anywhere and everywhere that a mobile device with an iOS operating system can go – it’s the data that travels with you.

By experimenting with different ad formats to gain market share, a business can assess each different ad via the results gained from monitoring its characteristic revenue across various time periods such as, days, weeks, months and years. Campaign A may have a larger text font with a title header in silver while Campaign B has smaller text font with a title header in red.  If Campaign B shows a consistent rise in revenue over a month whereas Campaign A shows an up and down, inconsistent revenue stream over the same time span, then, based upon the data results, Campaign B would be the winner. With Campaign B as the selected ad, a business can concentrate its time and effort on developing it and increasing the ad’s success. This type of data gives the user information on which campaign(s) will most likely produce the most future dollars and is a strong predictor of a more positive business growth and achievement.

Identifying strengths and weaknesses as to what areas of the ad are attractive and not attractive to users is easily derived from collected revenue. If Campaign A shows a strong revenue in the first month of business, then dips and plateaus for the following four months, whereas Campaign B exhibits a consistent rise in revenue, it can be deduced that Campaign B has more favorable and attractive features. The differences in the features of Campaign A from Campaign B can be seen as the weaknesses of the Campaign A since the revenue pattern is not as great as Campaign B.  A consistent downturn in revenue indicates that the ad does not hold its attraction with online users. The differences and similarities between Campaign A and Campaign B can be categorized as weaknesses and strengths, which ultimately assists the user in weeding out the productive from the unproductive attributes of an ad.

Locating future opportunities for progress from revenue statistics can be identified from the common features that prove to be a continual success based upon winning ads and using them as the blueprint for finding new opportunities. From proven, successful opportunities, projected, new possibilities can be discovered, then used as well. By implementing proven and new ways of increasing an ad’s revenue, goals and benchmarks are easily established to keep the opportunity momentum going. Revenue data is the meat of an analysis and the heart of a cost study = the future of development, growth, and opportunities.

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